Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ringing in the nEw YEAr

we broke from tradition and went to soldier hollow... tubing!

i grew up on the mountain skiing every weekend with my brother and dad
(he was on the ski patrol at sundance)
so i was more than thrilled to be surrounded by the gorgeous rocky mountains;
with my boys, family and friends.

the day started off snowing, snowing, snowing
and the temps were dropping, dropping, dropping

my darling sister-in-law called saying she was thinking of cancelling

we loaded the truck with:
snow pants
hand warmers
foot warmers

my only one worry for the evening (and I worried the whole week prior) was
traveling the canyon with other drivers on what is known as 'the drinkers holiday'.
my darling and ever cautious hubby took his time on the ice packed roads and we arrived safely.

it was a blast
it was breathtakingly cold
it was breathtakingly gorgeous

there were about 120 guests in our group
we filled the lodge
we filled the mountain side

i didn't think to get my camera out until it was almost too late
we were able to get a few pictures of the kids that were still there late that night
(photos are Natalie Shelley's-still can't get mine to down load)

some of the silly monkeys that were still there late that night
(if you look closely some are in their pjs... love it)