Saturday, February 26, 2011

he shoots... he scores!

11u skyhawks drove through the snowy weather to play a qualifying game this morning.

they showed up in their amazing uniforms geared and pumped for tip-off
they had a pre-game huddle
they took their places on the team bench
they put their basketball shoes on, placing their street shoes under their seats
the buzzer went off letting everyone know the game would begin in minutes
another team huddle
a crAzY, get you pumped chant
the first five took their places on the court
tip off!
nail biting
jumping with excitement
jumping with rage at bad calls
moving closer to the score keeper (who had no interest in the a-maz-ing game) to ensure she was doing it correctly (because she wasn't; she missed points, cleared the clock on accident, didn't stop the clock when she should have, continually texting)
wondering why 3 of the opposing teams players were larger
the game was neck in neck
they would score, we would score
they would foul, we would foul
it was i-n-t-e-n-s-e to say the least
20 seconds to go... the opposing team (provo) went to the basket, shot, missed, we made the rebound, lost the ball, kade got the ball, threw it with all his might to his buddy treylon who made the winning score!

37 vs. 35

later in the evening we found out that the opposing team brought the 3 (stated above) players down from a higher bracket, can you say c-h-e-a-t?
the league organizer found out about it but, when talking to our coach was thrilled to hear we won
we don't care
our boys played with heart
our boys played with gusto
our boys played with glory

victory is sweet
victory tastes great
victory is better when seeing it through the eyes of your little ones

monday night here we come!
we want you, we want you bad!