Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SiLLy things they say

the end of december mr. man and i received a phone call that a member of the bishopric wanted to meet with us. i was thrilled, i just knew i was being released as the cub scout committee chair person (i no longer have a cub scout, and i have served in the position for a year, that had to be it), nope, still have that calling! we were called to the nursery. i was not thrilled to say the least but, i don't like saying no to callings because i trully believe i can learn from them. mr. man thought it was hilarious and asked if i did something to upset my dearest darling friend, who is the primary president. the bishopric member that called us to the position told us it would be a 6 months - 1 year calling. i told him and my dearest darling friend that we would see them july 1st.
they laughed, i didn't.
i expected: snotty noses, tears, icky diapers, possesive toy takers, screamers.
i am still expecting to see them on july 1st but,
in the mean time i have fallen for these beautiful little creatures.
they are precious
they are tender
they are full of energy
they are kind hearted
they are brilliant
they love bubbles
they love music
they love babies
they love cars
they love books
they don't steal toys
they don't scream
they don't (so far) have icky diapers
they don't (so far) have icky noses
they love Jesus, and they know He loves them
i love these little ones
i look forward to sunday mornings with them
i look forward to them cuddling up around me to read books
i look forward to them cuddling up around me to play babies
i look forward to them giggling
i look forward to them saying SiLLy things:
'i ask my mom to braid and make my hair like rapunzel, and she doesn't'
'my mommy said we are getting a baby horse. it will come to my house in the mail.'
'i want more caukit' WHAT? 'i want more caukit' WHAT?
(after about five tries i figured it out... i want chocolate)
'i don't have a smile'
they are yummy and i am so happy that mr. man and i accepted the calling!


Natalie said...

I thought it was so funny you were so not happy about this calling. But when I heard I thought of how perfect you would be. You are so dang sweet to little ones. I'm glad it's going well so far.

Danielle Christiansen said...

I agree Natlaie, there is no better person for the job!