Friday, February 4, 2011

wild bill

wild bill hickok
all of the 5th graders chose someone to study, write about, and become for their school wax museum. kade went to school with 5 people in mind and when his name was finally called he picked good 'ole wild bill. i was so impressed with his study and work ethics when it came to researching and preparing for the character.
he read over 100 pages
researched online
found photos
wrote a report
*Wild Bill Hickok*
Wild Bill was born in Homer Illinois on May 27, 1837. His real name was James Butler Hickok. He was raised on a farm. As a kid his family helped slaves escape, they also helped with the under ground railroad. His family did not like slavery.
He really liked hunting and farming. He worked everyday with his dad and brothers on the farm. His mom and sisters would sew clothes and make dinner, and sometimes hunted with his dad and brothers. By the time he was 12 he had a rifle and a pistol. He loved to shoot them and target practice with his brothers.
When he grew up he went hunting and a bear attacked him and he shot it in the stomach. The bear didn't move, making Hickok think it was dead. Then it charged him again. Hickok stabbed it with his knife, the bear fell and died. After all that his scalp was partially ripped off and his arm was bleeding badly.
Later he became a U.S. Marshall. The Confederate Army arrested him for helping slaves. In jail he had a book made about him. He then found a knife and cut the ropes and killed the guards! He was brave, he killed several men. He drove a stagecoach, fought Indians under General Custer, became a town Constable, and Sheriff. He hated bullies and because of this he was a great lawman. One night late he and his deputy were trying to rid the town of bad guys. Someone fired a shot and Hickok fired back, later finding out that it was his deputy. After that he turned in his badge and retired.
After Hickok's retirement he and his friend, Buffalo Bill joined the Wild West Shows. He never like acting but the money was good.
Hickok always said he would die with his boots on, he was right. Being a spy taught him to be careful. He loved to gamble and always kept his back to the wall so no one could sneak up on him and shoot him. One day he was playing poker with his friends, but his back wasn't to the wall. A man shot him in the back of the head! He held the famous 'dead man's hand'; two aces, two eights, and one jack. He was 39.
picked what he wanted to wear
made a poster
memorized a speech (that had to be in first person)
Hi, I am Wild Bill Hickok I was born in Homer, Illinois in 1837.
I was raised on a farm.
I liked hunting and fishing.
I had a rifle and pistol by the time I was twelve.
I helped slaves.
I was attacked by a bear that ripped part of my scalp off.
I was a spy in the Civil War.
I later became a U.S. Marshal and accidentally shot my friend, the deputy.
I always said I would die with my boots on.
I loved gambling and was shot in the back of the head holding 'dead man's eights'.
set up a table display...
and did an amazing job!