Wednesday, March 30, 2011

she found me...

who you ask? cinderella, she found me and i am so thrilled. ok so she didn't really find me because she is a cartoon character silly. but, my inner cinderella kicked it into gear!

mr. man had to work saturday and kade found himself hanging out with friends all day. so what is a girl that is tired of rain, wind, and glummy clouds that linger suppose to do? i started thinking about spring cleaning.

i started in the family room rocked out to nickleback, timberland, and josh groban
dusted wiped every surface
pulled furniture into the middle of the room
cleaned blinds and windows
vacuumed every nook and cranny, i have to admit after pulling the couch out i was a bit embarrassed by all the dust along the wall -sick
went through cds and dvds
fluffed cushions and pillows

answered ringing calls from Anastasia and Drusilla (brats). just kidding it was the phone.

moved onto the laundry room
still rocked out to nickleback, timberland, and josh groban
wiped walls
wiped out the washer
cleaned the lint trap, we had a house fire once upon a time (not in the laundry room), the friendly firefighter told me that the lint trap and hose that leads outside need to be cleaned regularly.
swept and mopped

moved onto the kitchen
pulled everything out of every cupboard
sat back and thought 'what the hell did i just do?'
wiped cupboards out
realized that i love cleaners, i love buying them and using them (i need to find a good line of environmentally good cleaners-know of any?)
put half of my 'stuff' back put the other half in large black garbage bags
cloroxed every surface
swept and mopped
still rocking out

drank a huge glass of water, twirled around the house singing 'bibadee bobadee bo' with gus gus. he is my favorite little mouse ever. are you kidding me? the house still isn't done, matt is still at work, kade is still with friends, i stank! sorry gus gus.

master bedroom
pulled all furniture into the center of the room
wiped walls
dusted everything
vacuumed under the bed
went through clothes and filled several large black garbage bags
changed bedding

took a shower at 5:30pm

after spending a day, just me and my charming home, i fell in love with it again. i walked from room to room just admiring it. i focused on the small details and repeated to myself where i found each item. i must admit this past weekend i realized most, if not all of our furniture and decor are from: close outs, yard sales, hand me downs from my mom, antique shops, and thrift stores.


Danielle Christiansen said...

that was me last week. it sure feels good doesn't it?

Stephanie said...

Now that you are done you want to come do mine?

Tiffani said...

you ARE Cinderella