Thursday, March 10, 2011

siebzehn - seventeen - diciassette - zeventien

no matter how you choose to say it, it means the big day is quickly approaching out our home. the big 17 years of marriage to my darling hubby. gifts are hard for us to get one another.

he is:
doesn't like me to spend money
doesnt' like ornate
doesn't like trendy clothing
has to pick out his own hats and shoes
laid back
doesn't pay attention to small details {picking up hints i leave around}

i am:
not very practical {say i am but, i'm not}
love to spend money
love to decorate and redecorate
pay attention to everything {to a fault}

so what do we get each other? well according to google 17 isn't really noted for 'what' gifts are ideal, however, that doesn't mean it is a trivial anniversary. heck if you have made this far you know that withough having to have google tell you. but, google does have some ideas: furniture. small pieces-large pieces-redecorate a room-etc. really? i love furniture, really i do. do i have money for new furniture? no. so what, what , what, can i get my love? i have some ideas but not so sure he will appreciate or even want them and that is not what an anniversary is or should be about.

i could finish my two year project of refinishing the dining room table and six chairs that i bought at a yard sale- no he hates that thing {i think it is because it has been a love hate relationship of mine, because it has taken up his side of the garage for two years {he is so patient with me}, because i haven't decided on how i want the finished project to look}.

i could repaint the main portion of the house a lighter color {i have wanted to do this for about a year now}. he is so against it, he thinks our home is fine just the way it is. and it is.
i love our home
i love that we picked out the floor plan together
i love that we drove months on end through 8 cities looking for the perfect location for our little family
i love that we prayed about it together
i love that we drove out to our patch every sunday afternoon just to walk on the dirt, touch the dirt, and let kade play in the dirt
it was our dream and we made it happen

so as our anniversary approaches and i become more sentimental about the man i married, the man that gave me a beautiful son, the man that gives me peace of mind, the man that holds me when i am scared, the man that makes me laugh until i cry, the man that makes my dreams come true... i will continue to ponder on the 17 years we have built together and wonder what to give him.