Friday, November 18, 2011

another tournament

this spring kade's baseball team, the slam had the opportunity to play in a tournament in viva los vegas. we were excited to get out of town and find the warm weather. the ball fields were amazing! we failed to read the rules/regulations that stated no metal cleets on the turf. so matt and i dropped kade off with the team and hit the local mall looking for turf shoes. no one sold any so on our way back to the ball fields we stopped at big 5, they had just what we needed! on our way into big 5 a man approached our group looking for money for rent, when we told him we didn't have cash he became angry with our friend...scArY.
we loved this baseball, it was at the entrance to the complex.

waiting for his turn into the batters box... hey batter batter!
say cheese!
vegas is GREAT for people like me that LOVE and ADORE people watching. this sweet lady appeared to be a grandma and she really needed support (wink wink). thanks vegas, we hope to visit again next spring.
after the tournament we thought it would be fun to take the boys down to the strip and see some of the sights and head over to new york new york to ride the roller coaster. our first stop was the aquarium. well worth it if you ask us.
swift, strong, threatening, fierce, huge teeth, intimidating

strong, slow, powerful, wrinkles, agility
transparent, graceful, quick, small
hilarious, tired, thought the strip was over-rated