Friday, November 18, 2011

hEy bAttEr bAttEr

i am so far behind on blogging it is pathetic. this past baseball season the slam played in the evanston, wy tournament. every hotel was booked, so i opted for priceline (it should have alarmed me when entering 4 * or better and it only gave me the option for 2). when we arrived at 1:30am we were exhausted and knew we weren't going to get much sleep before we had to be up and ready for the first game. matt checked us in, let's just say that english is not their first or possibly even their second language, the pool water was yellow, and the hotel smelled of spices. i requested a non-smoking room and before we even opened the door we could smell the cigarettes. i went back to the front desk and asked for a different room. they insisted that the hotel was full. when i told them that my son has asthma and we could not accept the room (he doesn't), they miraculously found us another- amazing!

the complex was nice and clean, the people... not so much. kade's team did such a great job! they made it to the championship game! we were excited for the boys but, after spending two nights and three days in a run down town we were ready to hit the road. the championship game was one that will leave a lasting impression on those of us that sat in the stadium seating section. the opposing team sat by us and one family made quite the racket. the mother sat right infront of me (there were other places to sit), she continuously flicked her hair on my legs, tried moving into our umbrella shade and complained about the heat and the game to her husband. heather, roxanne and i were laughing until we were in tears. roxanne decided that everyone who was unable to come should see what we were up against in this small town. she pretended to be taking pictures of heather and me. when the family caught on the dad ducked down saying that he had warrants out on him and could not be in any photos. i think heather choked on her gum. half way through the game the mother heatedly bent down to pick up her two year old and you guessed it... her stretch pants had a hole the size of texas in the crotch... enough said.

the boys played well and took the winning trophy home. we were so proud of them but, elated to be heading home. thanks evanston, wy. we hope to never have to stay the night again.