Friday, November 18, 2011

salem days

this year salem days introduced a new event... 3 on 3 basketball. i should have known as soon as we read it that kade and his buddies would put a team together. they wore their team uniforms and looked so great! they were there for business and that is exactly what they did. they put on their game faces and hit the court. have no mercy! they won the tournament in their age bracket and took home shirts, basketballs and bragging rights.

before they took the court for the first game

winning game jerseys and balls! way to go boys!

my friends and i were over the baby contest and i was the lucky one that said i would take care of the float, my mom told me half way through the process that i was on my own next year (hehehe). we spent over 10 hours transforming the flatbed trailer into a float (and guess what, i forgot to get photos of the finished product b-o-o-h-o-o)

we bought over 100 of these flowers that were nylon and wire they were A-MAZ-ING!

we borrowed the huge cat tails (only 2 shown) from a friend that made the miss. salem float 2 years ago, bought 35 fairy wings and converted them into butterflies, then realized we were going to need greenery around the perimeter, therefore the netting.

my sweet little neighbors all stopped by to inspect our work and visit but, once they saw how labor intensive it was they found other things to do (can you blame them). after putting 6 cat tails up, covering them with flowers and butterflies, trimming the edge of the trailer with mesh and smoothering it with flowers and butterflies, lining the trailer with hay bales, it was still blah. what to do, what to do? my brillant mom was sharing stories of how creative my grandma was (so is my mother) and while she was sharing a story of my grandma cutting down a tree, stripping it, sanding it, varnishing it, decorating it, did i realize that is exactly what we needed on our float. but, i wanted BIG! so into the truck we went and scoured the back roads of my town. there it was, tipped over, hanging sadly, begging to be cut and decorated for all of salem to cherish. the only problem was it was on someones property and we couldn't cut it and drag it home ourselves. so while i went and knocked on the door of the owners home, my mom called my darling dad and asked if he would make the 20 minute trek to come help us. the tree was amazing! we didn't strip, sand, and varnish it but, we did put it into a christmas tree stand weight down with sand bags and covered it in white blosoms, white berries, butterflies, and flowers. it was breath-taking. our sweet little babies contest winners looked darling on it. and the best part... our float took home the royalty ribbon! if anyone has a photo of the finished project please send me a copy!