Friday, November 18, 2011

sheep creek

once baseball ended we had plenty of time for camping, fishing, riding. we are so blessed to live close to the rocky mountians. nothing like having it in your back yard. there is nothing better than lounging by the camp fire, not worrying about the phone ringing, obligations, interuptions, just bliss. we have such a great time whenever we go with my parents. this trip was sentimental for matt and me as we rode the route we took over 15 years ago as ma and pa during our stake pioneer trek. it was an amazing experience and we hadn't taken the time to go back and visit. we were in ah of what our youth accomplished during that amazing journey, we were reminded of the spirit that was felt by all, the energy that the youth had, the perservance to never give up, the drive to push on, the bond that was forge by all. after the ride we stopped for a break in a peaceful little nook near a lake.

we were COVERED in dirt

darling grandma & grandpa smith

aunt pam & uncle perry

aunt sandy & uncle mark

the quackies were thick and lush, wind the wind blew it was a gentle breeze that ruffled the leaves and made the most magical sound. it is a sound that i wish i could bottle and bring home.