Sunday, December 18, 2011

deck the halls... room 1

growing up i always wanted to help my mom decorate for the holidays but, it was an unwritten law at our home that you can watch my mom decorate but, never touch. we always had the most gorgeous tree in all the land, thus santa made his stop in our town at our home first, naturally... while other children were snug in their beds dreaming of sugar plum fairies, i was snug in my bed dreaming for daylight and waiting for the moment my mom would leave for work so that i could move a few ornaments here and there. i don't know if she ever knew what i was up to but, nevertheless, i did move some! now that i am mommy and have a house of my own i always vowed that i would let my little one help. i used too, then when he was snug in his bed i would arrange the ornaments to my liking. he caught me once, we still joke about it. now he knows that we too have an unwritten law... you can watch but must not touch.

this holiday season we have four trees decorated and setting the festive mood for santa. first up, the tree in the living room, my room, my sanctuary, my little piece of heaven room.

this tree is covered in jewel tones of: gold, copper, silver and huge red poinsettias. i love and use huge ornaments. i cram them in every nook and cranny. matt teases that i don't need a tree because you can't even see it. and the glitter! i love it (however, i will be vacuuming and mopping it up for the next six months).

every home needs a nativity i firmly believe. afterall this is what the season is about: the birth of our lord and savior, redeemer of the world, brother, comforter. i am thankful for all that the savior has done for me personally and my sweet family. i am thankful that at this time of year in general people are more compassionate, people are kind, people look for the good in mankind. i am thankful for christmas music and the feeling of comfort and peace it brings. i am thankful for the spirit of truth in little ones eyes. i am thankful for the season! i love this nativity, little hands gently move the pieces to the places they think they should be. tonight after a family party i found that once again everyone was moved, and it warms my heart.

last but not least in this room is my door. this door is a treasure, it belonged to a loving family member, then a loving friend who thoughtfully gifted it to me. it has a special place in my room and thus gets decorated each christmas.