Sunday, December 18, 2011

deck the halls... room 2

i have a table in my dining/kitchen and each year i add two- four foot trees to it. this year i wanted to do a little more to add 'me' to the trees so i dug up two of my old crocks from downstairs and stuffed my darling trees into them- vwa laa!

my darling, talented, and giving mom made me the standing santa and he had to be front and center this year. everyone that stops by ohs and ahs over him. they all ask where i purchased him and i proudly state, my mom made him for me.

funny thing... this summer my mom and had a yard sale and sold boxes of elves. then wouldn't you know it, i found myself downstairs in my christmas stash digging for the elves i knew i had. luckly i saved two...


Tiffani said...

I totally remember your Mom's Christmas decorations. I don't know if you got my response to your post about Ty Detmer. I reminded him of coming to my house for my birthday. That was THE best birthday present ever. I still have the picture.