Monday, February 6, 2012

hanging on but not holding my breath...

our family has had a full plate of pain, sorrow, and just plain crap (maybe i can share later). i was reading a darling friends blog this afternoon and part of what she shared i have been feeling. she gives my heart and thoughts clarity, thanks ms. morgan... 'we went from shock and disbelief, to sadness, to believe-it-or-not, acceptance. all of a sudden, nothing really mattered but our family. we needed to remember a few things. we needed to see. this nightmare allowed us to buck up and unify. it is a call to humility, and it reminded us to be grateful.'

matt and i have been reaching for one another more. trying to make the little things count and be more meaningful. clinging to kade more. cherishing our time with siblings and neices and nephews more. amazed at our parents unconditional love and tenderness for all of us and especially those that have been knocked to the ground and repeatedly kicked in the gut! astonished by our heavenly father's tender mercies and continually praying for more.

so in the meantime we remind one another to breath.


Natalie said...

I love your family so much Jes! I've had some reality checks and feel so much closer to my family now. Love you!

[Morgan] said...

no, i don't mind at all.
i actually felt pretty vulnerable posting my feelings. it makes me feel better knowing they were relatable for you.

thinking about your family!